About Us

Renard Global Management is a diverse company based in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in Operations Audits and Service Excellence Initiatives in the hospitality industry such as Hotels, Resorts, Clubs, Restaurants, and Airlines, Cruise Lines, and also in Retail industry. Since 2004, we have diversified our activities in the areas of Sales and Marketing Audit and Training Initiatives to achieve Service Excellence results. We supplement and create SOPs/KOPs and standard quality procedure manuals related to the hospitality industry.

Mr. Ashok Sharma, President, Renard Global Management states, “While the concepts, activities and initiatives of the hotel industry are on an ascend with facilities, amenities and technology keeping in mind Guests Delight opportunities and wow factor, it is extremely important to gauge and monitor whether the customer satisfaction levels correspond with the higher room rates in hotels.” 

Renard Global Management is currently involved in providing hotel Operations Audit, training, and other related services to various sectors of the hospitality industry in:
Renard Global Management North America Renard Global Management United Kingdom    
Renard Global Management Germany Renard Global Management South East Asia    
Renard Global Management Italy Renard Global Management The Indian subcontinent and Asia Pacific